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HHT Fitness clients are treated as an individuals with specific needs and goals. HHT Fitness will build a personalized program where we can implement a variety of components, such as, strength, lean muscle, increased flexibility and cardiovascular fitness, all into one dynamic training session. Training sessions last one hour and individual programs continue for one month with the choice to continue into the next. Within this first month period, HHT Fitness provides you with our signature LEAN, RIP, EFFECT that all superstars, models and athlete want.

- One on One Personal Training

HHT Fitness will design a program perfect for your needs in a local gym. The sessions with your personal trainer will be intense, focused, and keep you motivated to get amazin fitness results.

- In Home Personal Training

If you have weights at home, a personal gym, or a large backyard, HHT Fitness can train you in the comfort of your own surroundings.

Still think you're too busy to get better? If your job has equipment or personal space HHT Fitness will come to your job and make your lunch break revolutionary. You want something better; you have to do something different.

- Couples Personal Training

Fitness should be fun and working out with a mate or significant other can make your sessions a lot more social and motivating. HHT Fitness encourages couples to obtain fitness goals together.

- Dynamic Explosive Athletic Personal Training

- Small Group Personal Training

HHT understandes some people prefer to have others invovled in personal training sessions to eliminate the individual pressure. Small group creates a dynamic and competetive enviroment that gives extra motivation to each individual striving to achieve a goal with others who want similar outcomes.

- Post Pregnancy Personal Training

HHT Fitness understands although pregnancy, childbirth, and nursing can certainly take a toll on your body, a good post pregnancy fitness and nutrition program can help you get back in shape after baby. It is possible to get your former body back!!!

- Nutritional Meal Plans

HHT Fitness meals plans are designed perfect for every individual needs. We make it SIMPLE and EASY but effective to eat healthier daily. Weather you are trying to build muscle or lose weight we can design a plan for you!!!    
HHT Fitness recognizes each athlete has different needs. We analyze these needs and focus on building the weakness or imbalance as well as increasing areas that are already an athlete's strength. Whether you are training for combine, pro-day, and pro-tryouts or in need of off-season training.  HHT Fitness will have you ready beyond your wildest dreams.

- On site Person Training

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