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Kelle Sampson:

Maurice Hampton Age 23: Hi my name is Maurice Hampton I am 23 years old, and I am a member of HHT. My experience with HHT has been an awesome one and I am very thankful to have found such a hard working group that has been just the perfect fit for me. Christian Varner, an old teammate of mine from the University of Maryland, has been a great spiritual leader and a positive source of motivation to getting my body to where it needs to be in order to play at the next level of football. I know that everyday that I step out on that field on the track or in the fitness room, that when I leave that day I know for a fact that I got better. All I can say is that for anyone who is hungry for bodily improvement and mental strength and stability within ones self call Christian Varner because he's taking me places mentally and physically. "WE GETTIN BETTER OUT HERE!!!!!!"

Qiara Butler Age: 23
Trainee: Qiara Talks about HHT & the " Lions Den"
www.halfbamhalfamazintraining.com HHT "we gettin better over here"

Tony Green of Baltimore Ravens Age: 24 We started training almost 2 months ago and we stated from statch. I had no contracts and no one interested in my abilities. I lost 20lbs and gained lean muscle with lots of speed. My first opportunity came with Philidalphia Soul of the AFL and from there the Ravens called me in. While in mini camp everyone around was sucking wind but I wasnt even tired. I was asking coach to go again and again and again. I truely was at another level then other WR's. I'm excited for the next step wit HHT to get even better then current. 2012 is my season!!!

Larry Lawrence of Memphis Tigers Age: 19
Memphis Tigers Larry Lawrence Testimony with HHT
Christian Varner (HalfbamHalfamazin Bam Bam)HHT is one of the best training businesses in the world!!!! Join the movement!!!Follow us on twitter & Subscribe to our youtube page for new updated tra...
Karen Fick Nutritionist AGE: 57 Every training session is a little bit different, he is always introducing new moves, exercises and challenges.  He is passionate about what he does and he does it so well.  I have met some of his other clients and I see amazing results in them too, no matter what their condition is when they start (and trust me, they are all starting off in much better shape than I was when I started!).I feel so fortunate that I met Christian in that church parking lot on a hot Saturday in September. I have tried other trainers in the past with no success. Christian is teaching me and motivating me to be the best I can be! I am very blessed to know him and have the opportunity to train with him. I know that he can help anyone get in better shape, to be stronger, faster and have more endurance.

Tiara Mckinnon age 38 :
Trainee: Tiara talks about HHT and the "Lions DEN"
www.halfbamhalfamazintraining.comHHT "we gettin better over here"
Lawrence Dukes Morgan State LB age 23: I lost 95lbs!!!! "HHT" has had such a positive impact on my life not only as an athlete but as a man as well. Being involved with "HHT" this summer has not only strengthened me physically, but emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. "HHT" provided me with the platform to be a positive influence to the youths in my community and I was able to surround myself with individuals who share my same passions. I consider Christian Varner as the "big brother" I never had and I am forever grateful that God has placed him in my life. It's more than a LIFESTYLE its a MOVEMENT!!! We gettin better over here!!!! Go Bears!!!!

Adewale Ajayi US Marine AGE 26: I was surprised to see what two sessions a week with HHT can do. I'm faster and stronger now. I'm a work in progress. The change from day 1 to now is just mind blowing. HHT is the best hands down. If you want to be a pro you have to train like one

Lois Highsmith AGE 43: I began working out with HHT in October 2011. I was out of shape even though I was exercising on a regular basis. I was cycling and doing Pilates but couldn't do a jumping jack. I was slowly losing inches and weight but not belly fat. Then came along Christian and what an amazing experience it has been. With hard work, dedication and his David Abs Program, I have been able, for the first time in years, to see dimples in my abs. I have lost an inch in my waist. Sometimes, when we look at ourselves in the mirror we don't see a difference but with his support ("Come on, Come on") and leadership, I can see finally see a difference and so can others. I have been complimented more times in these past two months than in the past 10 years. I am feeling good spiritually, mentally and physically. And, I can do jumping jacks!
Joel Waters AGE 27:"HHT has change my life! I feel better then Ihave ever felt before. My confidence is so much higher. I have lost 60 pounds and gained 2 times the strength I had before. I mean every-time I hit the gym now I can't believe I'm bench pressing 305 lbs when I was struggling with 135lbs two months ago. I feel better in posture do to amazing ab workouts everyday. Part 2....I got a lot of love for you Mr. Varner. Ever since I started working out with you in August, I feel sooooo much better than where I was before I started your workout routine. HHT is soooo much more than just a business. Christian is more than just a trainer. He puts his SOUL into every workout and invests into you as a person. Going to miss you when you leave, but I know it's God's will for you to get better and everyone to get better. MAN if you don't know about HHT then you better find out soon cause its the best thing around!! Shout out to my man BAM." 
Patrick Bean AGE 22:"You get results, it hurts, you feel pain but it works! I have been working out for 6 years and been lifting the same weight, but I started BAM BAM's program and after about 3 weeks I came into the gym on my own and just started throwing weight around. All jokes aside its the BEST thing out here!! Tybo? NO P90x? no. I have tried it all but HHT is where its at. The boy BAM a beast at it."
Marcus Varner AGE 16:"If you are looking for the pretty boy beach workouts or treadmills and elliptical then this is not for you!! Don't even show up if you want to stay in your comfort zone. It gets harder and harder and harder everyday so you never can really get use to it or adjust. At the end of the day you will be 10 times whatever you were before bra, so serious."

Adena Varner AGE 24:"After I had my first child I could not get rid of belly fat. But not long after her birth I started this program and it probably was the hardest thing I have ever done but it actually felt good cause I could feel myself being challenged. The next day I noticed a difference. I'm proud to say I'm apart of the original group members of HHT."
Chardae Varner AGE 25:"HHT help me start my lifestyle change. It made me aware of how I look and how I want to look. HHT made me conscious of what I put in my body to get the best performance out of it. It has truley changed my self esteem and made me much more confident. It's hard but it worth it!"

Gerard Barrett AGE 24:"HHT has made me a better person as well as a better athlete. It has allowed me to grow spiritual, mentally, and physically at a rapid pace. I have become stronger in every area. My boy BAM knows what he's doing. Everything he touches I believe will manifest to greatness. Love you bruh!"


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