Independent Trainers & Physical Therapist

Independent Trainers & Therapist program is designed for entrepreneurial personal trainers, fitness professionals, physical therapist and other Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM) Therapists to develop their own business and brand of training without doing reports, projecting numbers, and giving the majority of the price for the training - therapy sessions away to a corporate entity. We welcome independent Health & Wellness professionals that are educated, and business-minded to be a part of an independent and cohesive team of health and fitness professionals.

Trainers must be certified by an NCCA Accredited personal training company, insured, and CPR/AED Certified by American Heart Association or American Red Cross.Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM) Therapist must be licensed by the State of Maryland, insured, and CPR/AED Certified by American Heart Association or American Red Cross, then you are welcome to provide therapy at HHT Fitness. You MUST add us to your insurance policy as additional insured, and bring us a copy. You (and your clients) will need to fill out a waiver and questionnaire.



Policies and Fees

Independent Trainers - Therapist Session Fees are $30/hour via credit card to HHT Fitness. Longer reservation options are available!! Weekly & Monthly!!! 
Gym Attire must be worn (including, but not limited to: no open toed shoes or boots).
No Food Allowed on the fitness floor.

Max numer of trainees per session for each trainer is 2, anything further will require a higher payment rate.

No Mobile Phone Uses on the fitness floor. However, if you program and track progress from your phone, do it!
You may play your own music with the use of headphones.
Your clients may do cardio before and after workout, but are not allowed to lift weights or use other equipment without their trainer.

All Indepent Trainer session must be scheduled around HHT Fitness current fitness class schedule.



HHT Fitness is adjacent to several retail stores, so for their sanity, our lease agreement, and consideration to other clients, trainers, and therapists in the space, dropping weights is not allowed also the blasting of bass in music during business hours. Weight dropping is considered a form of safety though, and therefore weights dropping on the floor are preferred to weights dropping on your client. All large drops (discretionary) will require a report to filed with HHT Fitness.
Not all policies are written. Please be respectful to the Training Facitlity, to other professionals, and to other clients. If one of the HHT Fitness employees has need to address noise or “space and equipment hording” issues, we apologize in advance.

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